Slow to Modernise Fleet

While the gov is keen to stress the virtues of buying electric cars and vans, they make up less than 5% of its own vehicle fleet.

The figure is included in the Phase One Action Plan progress report from Net Zero Isle of Man.

In the plan, there is an aim to immediately create a policy to move the gov fleet to be electric or reduced emission vehicles, with ‘the electrification of the public service fleet (excluding certain categories of specialist vehicle) to be achieved by 2030’.

However, the update report, reveals that just 4.6% of the car and van fleet is electric. 

It adds: ‘We are also working closely with DoI on their fleet strategy which currently states that all new purchases will aim to be electric by default.’


The report also says the gov is to ‘place the order for the first hybrid buses and put in place a programme for wider implementation’. 

In the update, it says: ‘To move the island’s public transport system away from carbon-heavy vehicles, the DoI has purchased six Mercedes Citaro single deck low emission hybrid vehicles. The wider implementation is expected to be delivered as part of a strategic transport decarbonisation review.’

However, if the figure of six hybrid buses is still correct, and this is a new report, that means that Bus Vannin has not bought any additional hybrid buses to the six that were delivered to the island in August 2020. 

A gov press release from August 2020 also shows that those six were part of a wider delivery of 16 buses, the other 11 were not hybrid vehicles. 

You can read the full report on the Tynwald Register of Business.