Good news! Well, if you happens to live in Port St Mary and like crown green bowls, as the village could be getting a new bowling green. 

It is of course a sport enjoyed by people of all ages and actually quite frustratingly fun.

The club was forced to leave its home in 2021 after the landowner chose not to renew the tenancy agreement that had seen the village’s team run for 100 years.

With the closure of the bowling green off Station Road in 2021, the club has been forced to rely on the hospitality of another local club, but realistically this isn’t a long term solution for either club. 

Fortunately, Port St Mary Commissioners has come forward with a planning application (22/00800/B) on behalf of the people of the village after a local family offered to lease them some land, just 80m away from the original site. 

Chair of the Commissioners Bernadette WIlliams said in the application that the joint club/commissioners working group, ‘strongly supported by Haven Homes as a pro bono community initiative’ has spent the last 14 months working to develop the plans which will hopefully see the club restored. 

Now you may think this is a slightly odd thing for Gef to cover, but here’s the thing. A community club that provides sport and a social life for people of all ages is taken away after 100 years. 

It could have been easy for the club to fold and for members to go and join other clubs or give up entirely. Instead, the community has come together, found a solution and hopes to bring back something that has a value beyond itself and that’s pretty cool.