Have a Gander

Who doesn’t love a yellow sticker. You’re at the shops, looking around and you see it, 33% off, a bargain.

But what if instead of relying on the raffle of what has been put in the special fridge you could look somewhere that could tell you what is on offer in each store?

Well, a Ballasalla business has just the thing, an app called Gander. Developed on the island, the app has been available in Northern Ireland, England, Wales and the Channel Islands, but now it’s launching here too.

Linking up with Shoprite, the app will allow islanders to see what is discounted in its stores across the island.

Sanchia Newman from Team Gander told Gef that as well as helping people with the cost of living, the app also helps stores to cut down on food waste.

She said: ‘Reduced to clear food is the biggest thing that ends up in landfills, so it gets wasted and thrown away. So we thought about how to create a movement to show people that the food is still great quality and great taste. Just because it’s reduced and nearing its sell by date doesn’t mean that it’s bad food.’

The app links into Shoprite’s system and updates in real time so if new items are added, they go onto the app and if they are sold, they come off. The app even shows how many yellow sticker items are left of each product.

Amanda Noble, Shoprite’s Marketing Manager, said the company is ‘really excited to be the first to give the Isle of Man access to Gander’.

Amanda added: ‘We know how important it is to help people save money, and help make reduced-price food more accessible to the population. The app will showcase all reduced-price products at Shoprite stores island-wide. Traditionally, you had to visit a store and hope you found something that was both reduced and that took your fancy, but for the first time all this information is available on the Gander app.’

The Gander app is available for iOS download in the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android.