Tynwald Preview: Major End of Term Vibes

At some point in our lives all of us have left work to the last minute, realised a deadline is coming up and suddenly in a rush put out whatever we can muster up.

Anyway, tomorrow sees the start of the final Tynwald Academy of Excellence debating society sitting before the school debating society breaks up for the summer holidays. 

Once prayers have finished, the pupils will be reminded of the ancient school motto, lectiones sunt didicit (lessons are learned).

As well as 40 questions, only 14 of which come from the Arbory, Castletown and Malew tutor group, there are 49 items on the order paper, about a third of which have not had six weeks on the school’s digital notice board, but let’s be honest, they don’t care much about that anyway. 

Questions include support for the the school’s flour mill, very important since the closure of the main bakery, why consultants from outside the school have been asked to review our swimming pools and what support will be given to the children who receive free school meals during term-time this summer holiday. 

Once questions are over, society president Master Skelly will allow Headboy Alfred Cannan to make a statement as to the school’s financial outlook.

This will kick off a series of statements from the student council, with Mrs Barber making a statement on offshore energy, Master Cannan talking climate change, a lecture into the review of the harm caused by illicit drugs from Head Girl Jane Poole-Wilson and a final statement from Master Cannan on reforms to the school’s built environment. 

Further down the list, Master Callister continues to be found drawing new designs for the school’s sewers as he asks for help in paying to resolve some long standing issues in Laxey and Peel.

Elsewhere, Mrs Barber will be publishing her environment, food and agriculture plan for the school, Ms Edge will be putting forward the childcare policy and Master Peters is set to be appointed to the postal room, replacing Master Thomas, who has taken over the finishing the school’s driveway and building of a new shed for the model boat club. 

In case that doesn’t excite you enough, Ms Faragher will be seeking to prevent school alumni Mr Robertshaw and his friends from looking for gas off the east coast, Mrs Caine is seeking to cut the amount of time items spend on the school notice board before reaching the debating club. And, Master Ashford, fresh from his stint as school bursar, is joining forces with Mrs Corlett for a general debate about junior school council reform, which will no doubt keep you all enthralled.