Board Welcomes Increase in Spending Power

The Board of the Southern Swimming Pool has thanked the members of Tynwald who supported a motion that could see spending on the pool from local authorities increase.

The motion allows the board to increase funding from local rates from 2.5p in the pound to 6p in the pound for 2023-24 financial year and allow an increase each year up to a maximum of 8p in the pound.

While the motion allows the southern board to increase spending from rates, it doesn’t mean it has to or indeed that its members would vote for an increase.

The north and western boards have also been granted similar powers through separate motions in this week’s Tynwald.

In a statement, the board said: ‘A rise in the maximum Local Authority rate from 2.5p to 6p is a key component in the arsenal towards saving our community pool; along with driving efficiency savings and pressing central government for a realistic deficiency payment.

‘It means that if the LA’s approve the increase the residents of the South will see an average rise from £2.41 per person, per annum, to £5.77, which the Board feels represents excellent value for money.’

The increase was opposed by Castletown Commissioners. The board said in a statement that doing so while the review into pools is ongoing was ‘premature’ and that ‘any increase should be deferred until the outcome of the Independent Review is determined’.


The Southern Swimming Pool Board has also confirmed that it has met with a representative of Knight Kavanagh & Page which is carrying out the island wide pool review on behalf of DESC.

Its statement said: ‘A comprehensive report was submitted to them along with the local petition Save our Pool. Staff, Management and Key Stakeholders from the community were invited by the Board to meet with KKP to give a rounded view, and the Board is extremely grateful to all those who took the time to do so.’