Manx Care Advice and Liaison Service (Catchy)

To celebrate the launch of the Manx Care Advice and Liaison Service (MCALS) on August 2 last year, the health care provider is holding coffee morning events across its Wellbeing Partnerships. It’s your chance to drop in for a chat, and to get more information about our services over a cup of tea or coffee.

Date TimeWhere
Wednesday 03 August10:00 – 12:00Southern Wellbeing Centre, Thie Rosien, Foyer
Thursday 04 August10:00 – 12:00Ramsey Hospital (Northern Wellbeing Centre) Training Room
Friday 05 August10:00 – 12:00Western Wellbeing Centre, Entrance Foyer


As the demand for quality new homes continues to soar, Dandara has launched a new initiative to help meet the growing requirement by offering the next generation of talent the opportunity to train with the company.

Designed to address the shortage of specialist groundworkers, the two-year Groundworkers Training Programme has been set up by Company Health and Safety Advisor, Grant Howard.

The programme, which is accredited by industry awarding body GQA Qualifications, with support from the Department of Education, Sport and Culture, and ‘BuildASkill’ in Ramsey, is already paying dividends with a second intake of students due to start this month.

Grant said: ‘Groundworkers are vital to our industry and it is a highly skilled trade yet, despite growing demand for labour in the sector, there has been a real lack of quality training available within this field of construction. Just as there are recognised apprenticeship schemes for engineering, bricklaying and motor mechanics, there also needs to be an industry standard equivalent for trainee groundworkers which is why we decided to address this with the creation of our bespoke training programme.

‘Starting with a blank canvas we developed a syllabus which I am glad to say has proved so popular that we have increased the number of available places, and our five initial trainees are soon to be joined by a further four.’

The programme, which has been approved as a recognised NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) Level 2, will also help equip those who are new to the industry with the qualifications they need.

Breastfeeding Week

It’s World Breastfeeding Week, and Manx Care is celebrating the ways the island supports women who are breastfeeding.

The Isle of Man Infant Feeding Team offers advice and support to parents both pre- and post-birth. The team offers:

  • facilitation of Breastfeeding Buddies (a mums’ support/advice group);
  • provision of individual support to women who are experiencing challenges with their feeding journey;
  • management of antenatal groups and parent education sessions;
  • support with safe bottle feeding;
  • support with weaning.

To celebrate World Breastfeeding Week, Breastfeeding Buddies is holding a mini party. Everyone is welcome: parents, babies, older siblings, friends old and new – please do come along for a cake and a chat. The get-together will take place at Vagabonds Rugby Club on August 3 from 10am – 12 noon.

You can also find breastfeeding information, as well as experiences of women on the island here.