Just over half of the long-term average rain fell during July, with 31.8mm recorded at Ronaldsway.

The Met Office has released its summary for July, which also saw three days of fog and one with thunder at the airport.

The wettest day at the airport was the 30th with 13mm, but there was heavier rain in the north of the island on the morning of July 28 with some thunder reported from the Douglas area northwards.

Temperatures were above average, with a mean day max of 19.3°C. There was a very warm spell for a few days beginning on July 17 and the island experienced its hottest day of the summer so far on July 19 with 26.9°C reached at Ronaldsway and a peak of 28.1°C at the point of Ayre.

Sunshine hours were well above average with 234.7 hours. The best day was July 10 with 15.9 hours, which equals the sunniest July day on record (2011). 

The mean wind speed was a little above average, at 9.7 knots. The strongest winds were recorded on July 25 with gusts of 40 knots/46mph recorded at Ronaldsway.