Water Levels

Despite recent weather, Manx Utilities says water stocks have only increased by 1% (two days’ worth of water).

MU said: ‘The hosepipe ban has contributed a demand reduction to 29.5 Million litres per day – prior to the ban and during warmer weather, demand was 39 Million litres per day. We continue to monitor the situation as the MET Office are predicting drier than normal weather for the rest of this week and into next, with it also becoming warmer. Our first update on reservoir stocks is available on our website.’

As of August 1:

 Actual StockAverage for time of year 
West Baldwin71%-8%
Total Stocks68%-15%


Kayakers and paddleboarders are reminded they must receive clearance from the Marine Operations Centre before entering or departing Douglas’s outer harbour. Contact must be made by calling the MOC on 686612 or via VHF radio, channels 12 and 16.

The DoI said: ‘In recent weeks it has responded to several situations in Douglas where people using these types of water craft have failed to communicate with the MOC before either arriving at or leaving the outer harbour – in some cases ignoring signage providing clear instructions. Douglas Harbour is a busy commercial environment, where large vessels regularly manoeuvre within the port, and clearance is essential to ensure the safety of everyone concerned. Thank you for your co-operation.’


Lloyds Pharmacy has re-opened its St Paul’s Square branch in Ramsey, having been closed over recent weeks as a result of staffing shortages. The branch re-opened on Monday August 1 – however, customers are being asked to please be patient with the Lloyds Pharmacy staff there given that many of them are new.

Manx Care said: ‘The Repeat Prescription Service (RPS), which was previously available at all Lloyds branches in Ramsey (where repeat prescriptions were pre-ordered by Lloyds Pharmacy from a GP surgery on behalf of the patient), will not be available for the foreseeable future. Until this is available again, patients should make arrangements to re-order their repeat prescriptions from their GP themselves, allowing plenty of time (preferably around a week) to ensure they have sufficient medication. Patients may wish to explore using the Patient Access app to order if they have this set up (instructions on how to set this up can be provided by your GP practice if you provide photo identification). You can also tick the required items on the repeat request form that comes attached to the prescription, and hand this in to your GP practice.’