Pigs, reared by students at Ramsey Grammar School Farm, are now on sale at W E Teare’s in Ramsey.

Students help with the day to day running of the working farm, which features barns and crops, and livestock ranging from pigs and sheep to bees and chickens. Daily duties and responsibilities include feeding livestock, mucking out, and even assisting with the birth of lambs and piglets.

Michael Taylor and Tosh Teare, master butchers at W E Teare, have been preparing the latest selection of cuts at their shop in Parliament Street, just over half a mile away from the school.

Michael explained why he is such a huge fan of this unique collaboration: ‘Every year we invite the students down to see the results of their hard work.They have a fantastic understanding of the importance of animal welfare, the positive impact of local food production for the environment and for local food security. It’s a fantastic initiative and one we’re very proud to be a part of.’

Kirree Kermode, procurement officer at Isle of Man Meats, said:‘Prized pork from one of our most prized producers? We really couldn’t love this partnership more! The students and teachers at Ramsey Grammar have made waves with their School Farm, so much so that RGS pork has become one of the most coveted Manx meats. That’s all down to their high standards of care, attention and hard graft. Isle of Man Meats has been a staunch supporter of the project, and it’s been a joy to help it grow.

‘This collaboration is an excellent example of hyperlocal food production. W E Teare has been a passionate supporter of Manx produce since the late 1800s, building a reputation for outstanding quality. RGS Manx pork is simply world-class – among the finest we’ve ever tasted – and it’s raised and reared just a few short minutes away from Teare’s high street home. It’s great to see one of our island’s oldest butchers working with our island’s next generation of agricultural heroes.’


Continued vandalism has led to the closure of some toilets in Douglas – on the Promenade and in Noble’s Park. Douglas Council has confirmed the spate of attacks and general anti-social behaviour has left them with little choice. The closures have been instigated to minimise damage and while repairs are awaited.

Councillor Falk Horning, Chair of the Council’s Environmental Services Committee, says the facilities at Noble’s Park may have to be closed in the evening if the situation does not improve.

He said: ‘We are all extremely proud of Noble’s Park and want the whole Island to be proud which is why an updated masterplan is currently being prepared with the Council continually investing in the park’s facilities. However, for them to be enjoyed by everyone, we naturally want to maintain them to a good standard and, while we’d rather not go down this route, we are prepared to close the toilets for a period of time during the evenings if it prevents further damage and cost to Douglas ratepayers.

‘As it stands, some of the toilets in other blocks in the Capital have already had to be shut while we carry out repairs.’


Men’s football returns in about a month’s time, here are the opening fixtures:

Canada Life Premier League

Union Mills vs Douglas Royal

Marown vs Laxey

Onchan vs St Georges

Corinthians vs Peel

Ramsey vs Rushen United

Ayre United vs St Johns United

Free week: DHSOB

Division Two

Douglas & District vs Gymns

Foxdale vs Colby

Braddan vs St Mary’s

Governors Athletic vs Pulrose United

Malew vs Michael United

RYCOB vs Douglas Athletic

Free week: Castletown