Should Tynwald Be Recalled?

An MHK has suggested Tynwald may need to be recalled to outline what support will be on offer to islanders after the announcement of more increases in gas prices.

Dr Michelle Haywood has said that while today’s increase was expected, ‘the scale of it on top of previous rises is terrifying’.

The Rushen MHK said on her Facebook page: ‘I know we’ve been promised by Treasury that there would be more help to come, but waiting until October for that announcement will be causing extra stress and worry for everyone. Maybe it’s time to recall Tynwald and make the offer of help now? Knowing what support will be available, how and when allows households to plan their finances.’

When asked where any assistance should be targeted at, Dr Haywood said it should be aimed to support ‘all households below the living wage’. She added: ‘With limited funds available I would rather help was targeted at those for whom their energy costs are a greater proportion of their household income and who will be hit hardest by this increase. High earning households will be able to afford the increase better – although no-one will be happy about it.’

Fellow southern MHK Jason Moorhouse (Arbory, Castletown and Malew), while not asking for Tynwald to be recalled from its summer recess, said that while the gov intends to issue an update in October, people want to know what action is going to be taken now.