Ronaldway’s wifi is now unsuitable for the number of people using it, the DoI Minister has said.

Chris Thomas was asked by Rushen MHK Dr Michelle Haywood when the last assessment of the wi-fi was carried out and what improvements can be made for customers.

In his response, Mr Thomas the airport is ‘currently in discussions with Manx Telecom to assess the current service provided’.

He added: ‘Based on what they have seen so far, Manx Telecom have stated that the existing connectivity is now unsuitable for the number of users. As part of the evaluation the Airport will also take into account the current number of charging points available and whether there’s a necessity to increase the number of charging points.’

The Minister said that MT is currently in the process of surveying the airport for fibre connectivity, with the new survey due to happen next week.

He added: ‘Unfortunately, this process can take some time, and once the August survey has been completed they should then be in a position to give an indicative timescale for completion of the work, which they hope to progress as soon as possible. The Airport and Manx Telecom will continue to work closely together to ensure WiFi available at the Airport is suitable for all users, and to further enhance connectivity.’