MHKs in Talks to Recall Tynwald as Public Demand Answers

Backbench members of Tynwald are in discussions over recalling the parliament during the summer recess as people seek answers about what support will be on offer to aid the cost of living crisis.

Under standing orders, Tynwald can be recalled if a majority of MHKs sign a request to the President, in this case Laurence Skelly.

Taking to her Facebook page, Douglas South MHK Claire Christian said that given the cost of living crisis believes the time is right for a mini budget.

Mrs Christian added: ‘I am in conversation also with my fellow Economic Policy Review Committee members John Wannenburgh Douglas North MHK and Jason Moorhouse with regards to requesting a special sitting of Tynwald in August or September. This is not just Treasury, we need to implement the policy leavers across other departments which we have been discussing in the policy hub with fellow MHKs and Ministers.’

This follows Rushen MHK Michelle Haywood asking her constituents if the time was right to recall Tynwald and Mr Moorhouse saying he has written to Mr Skelly to ask: ‘Has any consideration been given, to calling for an Emergency Sitting of Tynwald to discuss the increasing challenges caused by the impact of rapidly rising prices on local people and businesses?’

Even just by examining the comment section on our posts about the gas increase, it is clear that islanders want some certainty about what support is coming.