Over £4m Spent on Agency Staff in Six Months

Health and Social Care Minister Lawrie Hooper has revealed that £4.3m was spent on agency staff at Noble’s Hospital in the first six months of the year.

The figures were requested by Douglas North MHK David Ashford.

Mr Ashford asked how much had been spent on agency staff at Noble’s Hospital in each of the last six months, broken down by salary, accommodation and transport.

In total, £4,366,507 was spent between January and June, with the first month of the year costing £919,955 alone.

In each of the six months, the highest portion went on medical staff, followed by nurses and midwives. The only exception being in January where ‘other’ staff cost £104,574, outspending nurses and midwives by just over £8,000.

In his response, Mr Hooper added: ‘We are unable to provide a breakdown with accommodation and transport due to agencies invoicing all costs per agency worker, so the information requested is not recorded in the accounts.’