Speaker – Budget is a ‘Relic’

The Budget process has been labelled a ‘relic of the colonial age’ and Treasury’s powers have been likened to that of a dictator by the Speaker of the House of Keys. Juan Watterson SHK, said there is an ‘unnecessary culture of secrecy’ within the system and criticised the inability of […]

Key Figures From This Year’s Budget

Government revenue spending for 2021/22 is budgeted at £1.161 billion, representing £13,740 for every person on the Island – an increase of 3.3%. Some of the highlights of this year’s Budget include: No increase in income tax or National Insurance Personal tax allowance up to £14,250 (up £3,750 since 2016) […]

What Don’t We Know?

While the Budget is full of facts and figures, we also have to look at what it doesn’t tell us. A One Year Budget Treasury Minister Alf Cannan says this is a one year Budget, but with a General Election looming and a new gov set to take the reins […]

Budget At A Glance

Treasury Minister Alf Cannan’s fifth and (probably) final Budget of this administration has  been called a “budget of resilience” which the gov seeking to stabilise the economy, protect jobs and invest in vital public services while providing a platform for economic recovery from the pandemic. It will see £1.161 billion […]

Hey Big Spender

The Capital Programme in this year’s Budget totals spending of £182,382,000. The majority of the Capital Programme for 2021/22 will be undertaken by the Department of Infrastructure in line with their responsibility to manage and maintain the bulk of Government’s infrastructure and its own share of the public sector housing […]

Gef’s Budget Preview

Tomorrow is Budget day and Treasury Minister Alf Cannan will present his fifth and final Budget to Tynwald and the Great Manx Public.  In a financial year where Covid had us forced to stay at home, our tourist economy collapsed, the TT was cancelled and Brexit finally happened, this has […]