Election Time In 1996

A new hospital will cost you your seat, but trying to sell off Manx Radio won’t – election time in 1996

Paul Speller continues his series of articles looking back at previous general elections, in the run up to polling day on September 23. Today, he takes a look at 1996, which marked the end of an era in the government and signalled what ultimately proved to be a false dawn in party politics.

What’s Happening In Palestine And Why Should We Care?

Image credit: Al Jazeera

Laura Cretney is a Manx PhD student researching conflict in the Middle East. She has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Middle East Politics and Arabic and has lived in the region intermittently over the last eight years. She has worked in international development and also runs the Middle East blog and online shop Pink Jinn.

A Love Letter To Beauticians

This third lockdown has really revealed how ugly I can be. My post-lockdown 2 hairdressing appointment was scheduled for March (still, far too late), and cancelled because of lockdown three. I can’t get an appointment until the end of May (to my boss: this is my formal request for the […]

Why We Love Line of Duty

It’s June 2012, England has just been knocked out of the Euros by Italy, anticipation is growing for the world’s best athletes to compete at London 2012 and a counter-terrorist police raid results in the death of an innocent man when raiding the wrong flat, DS Steve Arnott refuses to […]