Access Denied: Part 2

In the run up to Christmas, Gef is speaking to people who have found themselves stuck off island and unable to return due to the border closure. One man who contacted us told Gef about how he and his fiance, who are both from the island but work in London, […]

Access Denied: Part 1

Since the island’s borders were effectively closed in March, the Great Manx Public has been a bit split on when they should reopen and who should be allowed to travel. This week Gef has spoken to several people who have been affected by the mental strain of being apart, particularly […]

Love In The Time Of Corona

Why can’t I find a man like Dale McLaughlan? Love has always been a fickle thing. But love in a time of swipe-for-someone-better, ghost-me-if-you-don’t-like-me, deliveroo-style dating is especially feeble. Dating apps play with our little monkey brains, reminding us that there’s always someone newer, better, fresher around the corner. It’s […]

IVF During a Pandemic

The Covid pandemic brought nearly all other medicine to a standstill, including fertility treatments. Gef has talked to an expecting mother about her and her partner’s experience of IVF in 2020 including masking up and why pineapples were so important. What restrictions were in place when you were undergoing treatment? […]

What Is OnlyFans?

From Beyoncé lyrics to BBC documentaries, it appears that this year OnlyFans is everywhere. Gef put back on his investigative journalism fedora to get all the details.  So what is OnlyFans? OnlyFans is a platform designed for users to create content for “fans”. It’s all behind a paywall, with users […]

Eat, Drink And Be Merry?

Eat, Drink And Be Merry? The reality of living with an eating disorder during the “most wonderful time of the year”. Christmas is often thought of as a relaxing time of year – time spent with family and friends, eating good food and drinking one too many (mulled) wines – […]

A Love Letter to: Woolies

Earlier this week, there was an incredibly cruel Twitter hoax, in which an unauthorised Twitter account claiming to be former legendary high street giant, Woolworths, claimed that the shop was going to have an iconic comeback. The tweet hit the presses, and caused a LOAD of excitement. Woolies is perhaps […]

The Manx Events Fund Debate

The 500k domestic events fund, announced as part of the 100m Economic Recovery, is now open for applications. This week’s vox pop asked what YOU would do with the money to spice up island life. Here are your thoughts: Festivals Islanders are KEEN for a festival on the island. Whether […]

A Love Letter to: The Woody

This year, The Woodbourne pub celebrates its 125th birthday. Built in 1895, there have been punters cutting about The Woody since Queen Vic was on the throne. The Woody is one of the last real community pubs on the island, so it would be rude to not write a tribute […]

A Love Letter to the ‘Supermanx’ T-shirt

There have been a few items of clothing that have become cultural phenomenons. There was last year’s Zara dress, an inoffensive, universally flattering polka-dot dress that was favourited by millennial women for cocktails and brunch with the girls (avocado toast all ‘round, obvo). There was also that Topman t-shirt from […]

Manx Micro-trends of Lockdown

As the memories of lockdown begin to fade, as do the many weird and wonderful trends which corona brought with it. With so many shared experiences, who’d have thought a global pandemic would have made us more connected than ever? Here we have highlighted what we think are 10 of […]

No Mann Is An Island…

I am writing this as I start two weeks of quarantine… for the second time. By the time I’m allowed out I will have been self-isolating for nearly two months, and none of it within the comfort of my own home . Earlier this week I finally made it back […]

Nellie Brennan – A Manx Heroine

Eleanor (better known as Nellie or Nelly) Brennan was the daughter of a laundress in Douglas whose sailor husband had died at sea a month before Nellie was born.   Growing up, Nellie helped her mother in laundering and pressing clothes but when Nellie was 16, her mother died and so […]

Comis Covid-19 Diary – Week 1

This is my personal account that I thought it would be interesting for people to understand the circumstances and perhaps help others that come after us to prepare. I am not sugar coating anything, nor am I exaggerating or bending the truth. This is a raw and honest account of my experience and the thoughts I am having, as I have them.