Local Must-dos

When Gef met the FELLAS

Who doesn’t love a meme? Earlier this month, we caught up with ohayefella, an Instagram account memeing everything from Peel to Manx politics. We spoke to the four anonymous fellas behind the account to get all the skeet… What’s the Ohayefella origin story? The origin of Oh Aye Fella is […]

Charity Roundup

Here’s all the good that’s been going on this week.. Care awards The Isle of Man Care Awards took place on Tuesday night,  recognising the incredible work carers do for our community. The cutest winner was Stinker the ferret (aka the most decorated ferret on island) who won the Supportive […]

Gef’s Charity Roundup

We’re a good bunch, us Manxies, and we do a lot of good things. In this new series, we’re highlighting all the good that’s happening in our community.  McGuiness Guinness challenge raised £1005.10  We reported that 16 Woody regulars embarked on one of the GREATEST charity fundraisers of all time: […]

When Gef met Roj

“A lot of people are finding it difficult to source beer with the same ease as before lockdown because a lot of the breweries across, like a lot of businesses, have actually scaled down because there isn’t really the outlet for the products.” Roger Cave, CAMRA Isle of Man Can […]

Beach Powder

Picture this: you’ve spent the day at the beach at Playa del Vintners, glowing after several hours in the sun/on the booze and now, it’s time to leave. *sobs* Trying to brush the sand off your feet is hard enough when you’re sober but when you’re half cut or if […]

When Gef met BAS

Chances are if you’re a business owner on the Isle of Man, you’ll be familiar with the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce. Established for over 60 years, they now have 450 members, who represent some of the largest businesses on the Isle of Man. Unless you’ve been firmly under […]

The Party Bus: A Manx Institution

Right, picture this: the Magic School Bus meets the Ibiza club scene. A convergence of two disparate but God-tier memories; one evoking the saccharine sweetness of childhood, the other, a decadent descent into debauchery of old. Imagine such a colossal melding of worlds could produce something magical, otherworldly, spectacular, that only makes sense whilst […]

Après TT

“The TT races in the Isle of Man aren’t just about the bikes” declares Mark Womack, in a TT focused episode of TVs Booze Britain “and they’re not just about the drinking”. The programme was trying to lift the lid on the UK’s binge drinking ‘epidemic’, but never a truer […]

Homegrown Talent: Chris Flood

10 years ago, local songwriter Chris Flood released his debut album – ‘Opinion Is Not A Substitute For Reason’. The album was a rich and colourful burst of promise. There was rabble-rousing indie (Razorblade Party); sparsely catchy alt-rock (Machines); hints at expansive experimentalism (Scabs, Another Dreadful Earache)) and impassioned, Lennon-esque […]

Historians link Manx King to famous ‘Orry Orry Orry’ lads chant

We’re sorry this isn’t true! We absolutely wish it were and are pretty sure if King Orry was still about today he’d quite happily validate it…#originalmanxLADvar bannersnack_embed = {“hash”:”bc9e1le8h”,”width”:672,”height”:280,”t”:1539344821,”userId”:38193901,”responsive”:true,”type”:”html5″};//cdn.bannersnack.com/iframe/embed.js

60 Things We Love About The IOM

The Isle of Man often gets all sorts of beef for being a so-called tax haven. Apparently, we’re overflowing with tax-dodging gazillioniares and money-laundering criminals. But, that’s not really true. We’re actually bigger swots than lots of countries when it comes to following the rules…Let’s take a moment to consider […]

Multiple Sclerosis & Me

Kimberley Moore was just 26 years old when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. After living a normal, healthy life, being diagnosed with MS naturally came as a huge shock. Since being diagnosed, Kim has accessed services from the MS Society, a local charity for sufferers of MS on the Island, […]

OK Computer: A Manx Rendering

At times, being a Radiohead fan feels a bit like being into obscure foreign films. Although most people can appreciate their grungy guitar-laden earlier work, they’re mystified at how anyone can bear listening to the not-so-easily accessible tracks on their later albums. These same people will endeavour to watch Radiohead […]