By Order of the Peaky Finders

Do you ever agree to do something after a few beers and wake up with a hangover stinkin’ of regret?Well that’s kinda what happened with 6 local lads when they decided to raise money for charity by completing a challenge. There’s no regret in raising money for causes close to […]

Gef’s Good News – July

Life is good. The Ben might be broken, Tesco’s shelves might be empty, you can’t water your plants BUT lest we forget all the magical happenings of the past month.School’s out for the summer, the rain Gods have provided and the opportunity of a whole, new, summer month lies ahead. […]

Are we sending too many people to prison?

The Isle of Man government are revamping the Criminal Justice strategy and they’d like ideas and feedback from the taxpayer. One objective of the consultation is to see fewer people entering the criminal justice system, reducing the number going through the courts and of re-offending. Specifically, the Department of Home […]

Super Sunday on the IOM

So England may be out of the World Cup, but that doesn’t mean Sunday has to be miserable.There’s loads of things going on around the Isle today…HERE’S A LIST (we like lists) #1 World Cup Final Heartbreakers Croatia take on France for a chance to become World Cup title holders. […]

Cycle 360 gets their French on…

With World Cup hype currently at fever pitch, you’d have been forgiven (until now) for thinking that the Tour de France would pass you by rather inconspicuously.However, thanks to the freshest events space on the Island, Cycle 360, you have the perfect place to get your French on in the […]


So as we continue with, possibly, the best summer EVER, we had a quick chat in Gef HQ about how it could be made better…Now although we are a FIERCELY independent nation, we do have high number English folk on our fair shores and as much as we love the […]

Jane’s urgent plea for donors

Local lady, Jane Subachus, from the north of the Island has made a desperate plea for stem cell donors.Jane, who suffers from the rare blood disorder Myleofibrosis, a type of chronic leukaemia, needs a bone marrow transplant and has launched an urgent appeal for people to sign up as donors […]

TT 2018 in tweets

The fair is on the ferry and the pop-up drinking holes are nothing but a distant, slightly fuzzy memory.TT 2018 is definitely over.But before we return to humdrum of life without Bushy’s TT Village, let’s remind ourselves of the highs and lows of the last fortnight via Twitter. The stage […]

TT 2018: Schedule

TT IS SO CLOSE, WE CAN SMELL IT. We’ve listed the practice and full race schedule below, which is of course, subject to change due to Manannan, Mother Nature and well, every other weather God around!Pass us a beer…our bodies are READY! QUALIFYING PROGRAMME 2018 SATURDAY 26TH MAY 18:20 – […]

Fundraising in memory of Leo

We’re really sad to be sharing Leo’s heartbreaking story today.Much loved Leo, sadly passed away on the 10th April following an asthma attack, aged 12.Leo lived in Ballaugh, with his Mum, Julia, and sister Robyn. Leo was described by his family as a caring big brother and young comedian, who […]

Every picture tells a story

Everyone dreams of having their 15 minutes of fame but what happens when this backfires?This is a cautionary tale about how a simple picture placed me in a social media nightmare.The story begins February last year, when myself and my Dad managed to get front row tickets to Manchester United […]

SAVE THE DATE: IOM Ginfest 2018

Looking for something to do this Easter weekend? We’ve got you covered. Register your interest for IOM Ginfest 2018 here.More info coming soon.🍸var bannersnack_embed = {“hash”:”bv1cituzy”,”width”:672,”height”:280,”t”:1548757254,”userId”:38193901,”responsive”:true,”type”:”html5″};//

When Saturday comes… or doesn’t?

Following another raft of postponements this week, resulting from the inclement Manx winter weather; the fixture makers at the IOM FA find themselves circa 200 games behind schedule.This scenario has become the norm and is a growing problem as clubs become more protective of their pitches and Island representative commitments […]