When Gef met the FELLAS

Who doesn’t love a meme? Earlier this month, we caught up with ohayefella, an Instagram account memeing everything from Peel to Manx politics. We spoke to the four anonymous fellas behind the account to get all the skeet… What’s the Ohayefella origin story? The origin of Oh Aye Fella is […]

A Love Letter to: Woolies

Earlier this week, there was an incredibly cruel Twitter hoax, in which an unauthorised Twitter account claiming to be former legendary high street giant, Woolworths, claimed that the shop was going to have an iconic comeback. The tweet hit the presses, and caused a LOAD of excitement. Woolies is perhaps […]

Loo roll, libation, and self isolation

I think most of us, women, men, and children alike, are hitting that point in lockdown where dates and time no longer have meaning and we’re waking up each day like Robin Williams after he’s emerged from Jumanji after 25 years; hairy, perplexed, and asking what year it is.

The Ones Left Behind

It’s just over two years since Mum died. After years of burying her own trauma and internal torment, she finally collapsed under the weight of the world.Her own struggles pushed her into a cul-de-sac of anguish and, so, with no viable solution to cease hers and her family’s suffering, she […]

Gef’s Big Day Out

For one whole year, I was woken up at least once a night by people screeching ‘Hey Jude’ below my bedroom window: it was 2007, and I was a first-year student living in halls in Liverpool’s Knowledge Quarter. Our flat was typical of student accommodation: two wipe-clean laminated ‘sofas’, curtains […]

“Mann, I’m broke!”

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]So it’s been three days since you got paid and it feels like an eternity ‘til that paycheck rolls in again… Well, we hear ya sister!! But we did also see you outside the Courthouse on Saturday night throwing pound notes at passers-by shouting that you were the ‘Wolf of […]

The Party Bus: A Manx Institution

Right, picture this: the Magic School Bus meets the Ibiza club scene. A convergence of two disparate but God-tier memories; one evoking the saccharine sweetness of childhood, the other, a decadent descent into debauchery of old. Imagine such a colossal melding of worlds could produce something magical, otherworldly, spectacular, that only makes sense whilst […]

What the ETH is Ethereum?!

In an age of virtual reality and autonomous cars, Ethereum just sounds like another shiny gadget – perhaps a helpful robot-servant? The dubstep of the next generation? As entertaining as both of those ideas sound, Ethereum on the face of it is much less glamorous, but it is the springboard […]

The Original Manx Suffragette

So, how many statues of real people on the Isle of Man can you think of? Norman Wisdom, obvs.George Formby, Joey, Hizzy.TE Brown at the top of Prospect Hill that sometimes has a cone stuck on his head (so original!)If you think really hard, you might remember “the lifeboat bloke” […]

Joint Therapy: A Manx History of Hemp

The second public consultation paper on ‘Changes to allow hemp production’ may not be as high profile as it’s medicinal cannabis equivalent but it is of no less importance. The possibilities of legalising the growth and production of cannabis as a commercial crop are wide-ranging. Consequently, the outcome of this […]

MannKind Festival: A review

It all started a year ago when Georgie Revill thought there was not enough being done either in education or socially for those with additional needs, learning differences or physical disabilities. “Raising a child with additional needs is tough enough never mind the battles you face throughout the school years […]

5 unusual half term trips

If you fancy getting away from the rock this half-term, why not take inspiration from our round-up of unusual places to visit?The “Adjacent Isle” is well known for its castles, pubs, museums and popular historic attractions, but if you want to experience something different, where you’re less likely to bump […]