“use strict”;

var positionImage = function positionImage(imageEl) {
var imageDimensions = imageEl.dataset.imageDimensions.split(‘x’);
var originalWidth = imageDimensions[0];
var originalHeight = imageDimensions[1];
var focalPoint = imageEl.dataset.imageFocalPoint.split(‘,’);
var focalPointX = focalPoint[0];
var focalPointY = focalPoint[1];
var parentNode = imageEl.parentNode;

var scale = function () {
var imageRatio = originalWidth / originalHeight;
var parentClientSize = {
height: parentNode.clientHeight,
width: parentNode.clientWidth
var parentRatio = parentClientSize.width / parentClientSize.height;

if (imageRatio > parentRatio) {
return parentClientSize.height / originalHeight;

return parentClientSize.width / originalWidth;

var getRelativeOffset = function getRelativeOffset() {
var targetWidth = Math.ceil(originalWidth * scale);
var targetHeight = Math.ceil(originalHeight * scale);
var parentDimensionWidth = parentNode.offsetWidth;
var parentDimensionHeight = parentNode.offsetHeight;
var overflowWidth = targetWidth – parentDimensionWidth;
var overflowHeight = targetHeight – parentDimensionHeight;
var valueX;

if (overflowWidth === 0) {
valueX = focalPointX;
} else {
valueX = Math.max(Math.min(targetWidth * focalPointX – parentDimensionWidth * 0.5, overflowWidth), 0) / overflowWidth;

var valueY;

if (overflowHeight === 0) {
valueY = focalPointY;
} else {
valueY = Math.max(Math.min(targetHeight * focalPointY – parentDimensionHeight * 0.5, overflowHeight), 0) / overflowHeight;

return {
valueX: valueX,
valueY: valueY

var relativeOffset = getRelativeOffset();
var valueX = relativeOffset.valueX;
var valueY = relativeOffset.valueY; = “”.concat(valueX * 100, “% “).concat(valueY * 100, “%”);

gefs big quiz logo.pnggefs big quiz logo.png

Saturday 23rd Jan – 8:00pm



Okell's logo_PP_CMYK WHITE.pngOkell's logo_PP_CMYK WHITE.png



Supporting ISLE LISTEN


Gef’s Big Quiz, sponsored by Okell’s Brewery
Saturday 23rd January from 8pm

Hosted by: Lorcan O’Mahony and Jack Divers, in aid of Isle Listen.
Where: Your Living Room
Cost: £5 donation to ISLE LISTEN

MISS THE PUB? US TOO. Lucky for you, we’re bringing the pub to you with Gef’s Big Quiz sponsored by Okell’s Brewery. Hosted by Lorcan O’Mahony and Jack Divers (AKA IOM’s answer to Ant and Dec), this is an event NOT to be missed. Alongside some cracking questions, our friends at Okell’s brewery have provided some cracking prizes including:

1st Prize: 1x Mini Keg, branded Okell’s pint glass and £50 Okell’s Inns Voucher
2nd Prize: £25 Okells Inns Voucher & case of Okell’s MPA
3rd Prize: 2 x Bottles Vino Wine with vino branded tote & corkscrew
Facebook Live Winner: 1x Mini Keg
All winners will also receive a Gef’s Big Quiz T-Shirt from Mongoose Merch.

To join the party…

  • Click on the registration link and sign up

  • Include your contact details and Quiz Team Name (remember your team name will be your Zoom name on the night)

  • Click ‘Pay and Register’ to complete your ‘household ticket purchase’ – you can pay via PayPal or Card

  • Once you have registered and paid you will receive an email with joining instructions and a unique code.

  • You will need two devices, one for Zoom and one for Speedquizzing Live both can be downloaded through the app store

If you don’t fancy participating, you can watch and play along on our Facebook livestream. However for the FULL experience (including a chance to win prizes) we recommend getting on the zoom. Not only will this be a night full of entertainment, you’ll also be doing good as all money from ticket sales go towards, local mental health charitable initiative, Isle Listen.


  • All ticket holders for the Zoom Room will be checked before the quiz

  • Gef has a bit of a dirty mouth: expect some foul language

  • One team per household – don’t be cheap and share your entry codes, thanks.

  • Remember your Zoom Name should match your team name.

  • Prizes only available to Manx residents.