You Can See What Eyesea

A new app which will allow seafarers and members of the public to record and map pollution simply by taking a photo has been launched on the island.

The Eyesea App was launched on a rather stormy evening at Port Erin but fortunately the weather did not dampen the mood of excitement and celebration as the app launched live onto the Google Play and Apple iStore platforms. 

Eyesea founder, Graeme Somerville-Ryan, praised the support Eyesea had received from the Manx shipping community, seafarers, and community volunteers, ‘the feedback Eyesea has had from both those serving at sea and coastal clean-up warriors has been critical as a proof of concept’.  He added: ‘The support we have had for our initiative has been truly humbling, demonstrating just how much people want to try and help solve the maritime pollution problem. Across the board we have been told the App is needed right now.’

The free app allows the user to take photographic data of pollution and hazards at sea and on land. The data collected will be integrated into maritime charts and maps and will be used to support ocean, harbour, coastal clean-ups, and scientific research. Eyesea’s goal is to use this crowdsourced environmental and navigational hazard data to work with communities on behavioural change and clean up actions.

Eyesea COO, Catherine Robertshaw said: ‘Access to up-to-date  and accurate real-time pollution data greatly increases the options when it comes to cleaning up and allocating resources, which helps organisations plan their next clean up location. On the Isle of Man we are so proud of, and want to protect, our unique Unesco Biosphere, and the App gives us all the opportunity to play a role in collecting data to keep our Island clean. By using the App and simply taking photos we can highlight issues and problem areas and ensure these sites are regularly cleaned by fantastic organizations like Beach Buddies and PlasticBusters.

‘Eyesea would like to thank our local Ambassadors: Paul Dolan, David Furnival, Cameron Mitchell, Lee Clarke Vorster, Lars Ugland, Jaime Amoedo and Richard Turner; and the MANX companies who have committed to support the initiative: Bridgefort Maritime, Bernhard Shulte Ship Management, the Isle of Man Ship Registry and Isle of Man Maritime and Katherine Hodgson and the fabulous Port Erin Beach Huts.’

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