Tribunal Rules Dr Ranson WAS Unfairly Dismissed

An employment tribunal has ruled that Dr Rosalind Ranson was unfairly dismissed by the government.

The report from the tribunal has been published this morning after the British Medical Association made a statement last night.

Chaired by Douglas Stewart, the tribunal’s decisions is actually very simple: ‘The unanimous decision of the Tribunal is that Dr Ranson, having made protected disclosures, was automatically unfairly dismissed and suffered detriments in consequence. She was also unfairly dismissed irrespective of the protected disclosures.’

We will go into greater depth on the issues raised by this tribunal throughout today, for now we are looking purely at the ruling outlined above.

In its conclusions, the tribunal said that it was satisfied that Dr Ranson’s role was ‘diminishing’ from December 2020 and then changed from April 1 2021 ‘as to amount to a fundamental breach and repudiation of her contract of employment’.

It therefore ruled: ‘Dr Ranson was unfairly dismissed from her role of Medical Director on 31st March 2021 having been employed for more than a 12-month period.

‘Dr Ranson’s dismissal, as above, was the consequence of having made certain protected disclosures as explained and decided above. Because of these proven disclosures, she had suffered a significant number of identified detriments and especially, as such a detriment, had been prevented from transferring to Manx Care on 1st April 2021.’

The disclosures are listed as being made to Dr Alex Allinson, Kathryn Magson, Sir Jonathan Michael, Theresa Cope and David Ashford.

What isn’t known is what happens next. Both sides agreed that if Dr Ranson was successful in the tribunal then a separate hearing would be held to answer matters of appropriate remedies.