Terms Published for Steam Packet Review

The terms of reference for the review into self-isolation requirements for Steam Packet crews have been published.

Stephen Hind, the Director of Audit Advisory in the Treasury, has been appointed to conduct the review. The Treasury is the sole shareholder of the Steam Packet.

The gov says that the review will be undertaken ‘completely independently of the Cabinet Office and will be afforded full access to all records held by and personnel employed by the Isle of Man Government and all its agencies’.

The terms of reference state that ‘as a minimum, the review should consider and report on the following elements:

  1. The documentation and advice issued to IOMSPCo by the Isle of Man Government regarding the requirements for its key workers since March 2020. To include those issued by:  

  • the Travel Notification Service

  • Public Health

  • Department of Infrastructure (who initially provided early exemptions)

  1. The processes under which any documentation such as Direction Notices are drawn up, from drafting through to final iteration and issuance as relevant to the IOMSPCo.

  2.  The risk assessments and mitigations proposed by IOMSPCo to minimise the risk of transmission, and any assurance demonstrated by the company around these risks, and any aspects that have demonstrably changed that may have led to a breakdown in mitigations.

  3. How contact tracing was conducted once the initial positive case was identified in the Isle of Man based IOMSPCo keyworker and the subsequent containment of the cluster.

  4. Any relevant evidence that is required or supplied, including the IOMSPCo’s review into the infection of its staff member and the Company’s own review of the risk assessments and mitigations that has been performed by the Board independent of the executive.

  5. Whether there were any shortcomings in the process, documentation issued, advice given or interaction with IOMSPCo and any recommendations as a result.

  6. What learning is required and what improvements in any relevant area; including the Direction Notice and associated process.

  7. What actions can be taken to prevent such an incident occurring in the future.


The report into the review will be to a professional standard suitable for publication. If necessary, technical detail can be appended or provided in separate documents as the report itself must be written so as to be readily understood by the lay person. If required personal data may be redacted prior to publication to ensure that data protection legislation is complied with.


The review will be sponsored by the Chief Minister. Your officer contact for the review will be Kirsty Hemsley, who is able to act under the authorisation of the Chief Secretary. The aim of the report is to inform the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers as to the timeline of events and root causes that led to creation of the recent IOMSPCo ‘cluster’, to identify lessons to be subsequently learned, and to identify any further mitigations now required to manage the risks of a reocurrence.

Last week advocate Ian Kermode said that any review should be undertaken either by Tynwald or an off-island legal expert. Mr Kermode suggested that the declaration by the Chief Minister that no crimes had been committed may present a constitutional crisis.

Terms of Reference

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