Gerard Higgins has announced his intention to stand in this year’s General Election, contesting the constituency of Douglas South.

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Mr Higgins has 39 years of gov experience, preparing responses to political questions, engaging in the annual Budget process since 2007 and the advancement of Online Tax Service.

In a statement announcing his candidacy he said: ‘I have lived in the constituency for almost 25 years and in Douglas for most of my life. I would be honoured if you would employ me as one of your representatives.I specifically use the word ‘employ’ as that is precisely what you do. Your MHKs work for you; you pay their salaries, and through the taxes that you pay expect them to use those funds wisely for your benefit and that of your parents, grandparents and children.

‘Why am I standing? We need a reset in Manx politics. We need a fresh approach of focusing on listening to the concerns and catering for the needs of our people and their communities. We need more fairness, openness and transparency. We need more ‘meat on the bones’ with policies rather than soundbites. We need to use our finances wisely in the aftermath of the pandemic and stop the gold plated projects that repeatedly run over-budget. We need smaller Government and for you to have a say in the election and policies of our Chief Minister and their administrations.

‘We need more on-Island health services so that when your grandparents, parents, partners, children or grandchildren are ill they are close to their homes and their loved ones. The many issues of the climate change agenda must be addressed. We must address, head-on, the current housing crisis that could lead to the exodus of our young people. All young people must be given every opportunity to fulfil their potential. The list goes on…but if you employ me on 23 September, I guarantee that I will work incredibly hard with energy and determination for all of you – no matter how large or small your issues may be.

‘I will never forget that you are my employer with regular public meetings, visits around the constituency, engaging in community projects and setting up focus groups – for example, with young people to get their views on the vital issues of education, careers, leisure activities and housing. I want a new, dynamic and progressive style of politics.I have 39 years of Government experience, preparing responses to political questions, engaging in the annual Budget process since 2007 and the advancement of Online Tax Services. I want to use those skills and knowledge to make Government more efficient, more accountable and work better for you.I will bring forward a Private Members Bill to reduce the salary of any MHK if they are in receipt of an Isle of Man Government pension by the amount equivalent to that pension. I will campaign for a pay freeze for politicians for the next five years and a mechanism which will enable you to remove your local representatives if they fail to perform.

‘We will face challenges to our tax regime like never before. I have a thorough understanding of the current OECD initiatives and I would work tirelessly to protect our current regime that is essential to our economy and jobs.I aim to visit households 7 days a week up to Election Day. When I knock on your door I will socially distance and be carrying a mask if you prefer that I wear one. Finally, I want my proposer, seconder and nominators to be constituents from all walks of life who genuinely are willing to give me an opportunity to have my name on the ballot paper and the ability to put my policies to the electorate.If you would be willing to do so or assist in any way at all in my campaign please contact/pm me as soon as possible. I would love to have you as part of the team.’

Mr Higgins has said people can contact him on e-mail – gerardhiggins@manx.netTwitter – @Gerard4MHK ( – @Gerard4MHK ( – 479081 (mobile).

In announcing his candidacy, Mr Higgins joins sitting MHKs Claire Christian and Captain Paul Quine and Manx Labour Party candidate Sarah Maltby in contesting the seat.

The General Election is on September 23, if you’re planning to vote, make sure you’re registered and if you’re planning to stand, make sure you tell Gef by emailing

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