What can you do in three minutes? Well, how about learning a new way to help save the planet?

About 35 people got together on Thursday night to do just that at an event hosted by Net Zero Isle of Man and Gef.

Throughout the evening, members of the public had the opportunity to talk to experts on subjects including energy generation, waste management and nature-based solutions. The catch was they only had three minutes with each expert before moving on to the next one.

The public could ask the expert any questions relating to their area of expertise or any climate change related questions.

Opening the event, Net Zero Isle of Man played a video called ‘If we don’t act now’ where they asked Manx children what they think will happen if we don’t tackle climate change. 

Chair of the Climate Change Transformation Board, Daphne Caine MHK, explained that the name for the event ‘Together For Our Planet’, came from the tagline for COP26, a global climate change summit held in Glasgow this month. The aim of the evening was to ‘encourage conversations on climate change’, as awareness of the issues can help people to prepare for their future, as well as empower them to take action.

Mrs Caine also said that by reducing the Isle of Man’s emissions can bring a range of benefits to the Island including attracting more businesses.

The event, hosted at Henderson and Glass, marked the end of a fortnight of events hosted by Net Zero Isle of Man and their stakeholders which coincided with COP26, that pushed the message that we can successfully tackle climate change by working together.

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