Throughout the pandemic, the battle between civil liberties and public health has been one which has filled many millions blogs and comment sections the world wide.

On island, two of the most prominent faces of this have been Victoria Hodgson and Ian Kermode, both of whom have been featured on Gef throughout this year.

Tonight both Miss Hodgson and Mr Kermode will further their arguments, with two talks aimed at debating the civil liberties that many say have been put at risk, or indeed lost, throughout the pandemic.

Miss Hodgson’s talk will focus on ‘Child Rights v State Interests’. Miss Hodgson, who, like Mr Kermode, is an advocate, will likely be most widely known to readers from her petition to Tynwald around unvaccinated people being treated differently to those who have chosen to have a vaccine.

Mr Kermode’s talk, titled ‘Human Rights and Civil Wrongs During the Pandemic’, will focus on the decisions taken by governments in the context of the European Convention of Human Rights. He will also look at whether decisions like lockdown were necessary or proportionate and the potential future of mandatory vaccinations.

Advocate Ian Kermode

The evening, hosted by the Manx Peoples Community Support, is being held at the Promenade Suite in the Villa Marina with a prompt 7.30pm start. The bar will be open for refreshments.

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