Drew Fleming, manager and bartender at Douglas’ ‘Kiki Lounge’ was today announced as one of the 25 finalists progressing through to Round 2 of global cocktail competition: ’50 Best Bars The Blend Scholarship 2022’.

The competition was open to bartenders from across the world to enter, theme of the competition is ‘Future Positive’ encouraging bartending practices and attitudes that will have a positive impact on the planet.

Bartenders will be rewarded for their low-waste or local approach to ingredients and push for greater diversity, better representation and balance within the workplace.

Drew’s approach to the competition theme of ‘Future Positive’ is a locally focussed one; in his entry video he enthuses about his passion for local produce, he said: ‘The Isle of Man has so much local produce to be proud of, and I really want to shine a light on the incredible producers that we showcase on our menu; from our local house rum, Hoolie, to the salt flakes on our margarita.’

Round two of the competition is to create a future positive inspired cocktail, in which Drew intends to showcase as much local produce as possible. 

Managing Director of Extra Fancy, Jamie Lewis, said: ‘I am so incredibly proud of Drew for making the final 25 in such a prestigious competition. His passion for our industry and our island is second to none, which makes him a such a perfect candidate for this opportunity; I can’t wait to sample his locally inspired and ‘future positive’ cocktail entry.’

Drew’s cocktail entry will be showcased at Kiki Lounge throughout August; you can follow his competition journey by following the venue on Instagram at @kikis.lounge.