Willing Cocktail Volunteers Wanted!

Local bartender Freddy Whittle is looking for willing volunteers to drink £5 Mai Tais at Kiki Lounge this weekend, doing so will help him secure his spot in the final of the Chairman’s Reserve Mai Tai competition.

The overall winner of the competition will go on to win an all expenses paid trip to St Lucia to visit the Chairman’s reserve distillery.

Gef spoke with Extra Fancy Managing Director Jamie Lewis who had this to say; “It’s always been really important to support our staff in their endeavours and we could not be more proud of Freddy’s entry into this competition. Between he and our General Manager, Drew (who is a finalist in another global competition), they are really shining a light on the quality of drinks on the Isle of Man, and our incredible local producers.”.

Freddy’s drink features the headline spirits from the Spiribam portfolio Chairman’s Reserve Legacy Blend and Clement Rhum Ambre, as well as shining a spotlight on Island based Outlier Distilling Company’s rum ‘Hoolie Hurricane’, which is an overproof rum, similar in style to Wray and Nephew, but better, of course… No Manx bias to see here!!

Freddy said of his creation; “I really wanted to make a balanced drinkt that showcased Chairman’s Reserve and Clement Rhum, but also shone a spotlight on the incredible produce our Island should be famous for!”.

Freddy’s creation will be £5 all weekend long at Kiki Lounge, situated beneath the Chesterhouse Hotel, in the basement of 42 Loch Promenade.