King Bill’s Pool Appeal Lodged

Principle plans for a sports centre including a swimming pool on the grounds of King William’s College are now facing further scrutiny despite the planning committee giving the go ahead.

The Board of the Southern Swimming Pool has confirmed it submitted a request for the appeal.

Southern Community Sports Facility’s application included a 50m pool, 60m running track and gym which, the charity had always said, would be available to local schools, groups and residents.

When the application went before the planning committee, it did so with the planning officer recommending it be refused. However the committee disagreed and backed the proposal.

Following this, the Southern Swimming Pool Board appealed to DEFA Minister Clare Barber saying that members were ‘surprised that the planning committee, without a site visit, overturned the planning officer’s recommendation to reject the application as it was based on solid reasoning’.

The board have several reasons including the site not being designated for development, no supporting evidence to suggest alternative sites had been look at, there being no overriding national need and that Knight, Kavanagh and Page is producing a report into the island’s pool provision.

Other reasons put forward by the board include that the site is within the setting of a registered building, that the new Castle Rushen could include these facilities and that they didn’t believe the pool was suitable for community use, , amongst others.

The planning website confirms that the appeal was lodged on June 20 and that the appeal is in process.

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