Howard, David, Dr Henny Well good afternoon everyone. Sad news that another member of our community has lost their life to Covid-19 My heart goes out to family and friends. Sincere condolences The unhappy fact is that Covid has taken so many lives around the world We have now tragically […]

IOM Gov Update – 11 March

Howard, David, Dr Al, Dr Henny Well good afternoon everyone  Hope you’ve looked at the Exit framework, a clearer understanding of the road ahead A point on data – I know people are carefully following numbers I know there is a wish to see more, there is a dashboard coming […]

Are you OK?

This week, the Government announced the ‘Are you Ok?’ campaign, a response to the damaging effects COVID-19 has had on many Manxies’ mental health. The scheme is encouraging us to chat and open up to one another, to reduce some of our anxieties. We caught up with the Chief Minister […]