Farewell Frisco

Curraghs Wildlife Park is mourning the loss of their ‘old lady’, Frisco the red panda. Frisco was sadly put to sleep today. At over 17 years and 8 months old, the park said she was ‘exceptionally old for a Red Panda’. The average age red pandas live to is 14 […]

Green Living Grant

Environment Minister Geoffrey Boot says his department is working to introduce a substantial energy efficiency scheme. The scheme will aim to help lower the emissions from homes on the island, which make up the biggest single portion of our carbon emissions. He explained: ‘The details are yet to be finalised […]

Gef’s Daily Roundup

Smart Meters Manx Utilities will shortly begin installing meters for its much anticipated Island-wide smart metering system. Smart meters will form part of a smarter energy grid allowing Manx Utilities to be more precise about energy production and supply, enabling a reduction in waste and better support low carbon technologies […]

Trim Your Bush before Mating Season

People are reminded to trim hedges before the start of the bird nesting season. Hedgerows are an important part of the countryside and provide wildlife with food, shelter and important breeding sites.  To protect flowers, birds and other creatures that use them, people are asked to avoid trimming their hedges […]

Manxman to be Diesel Powered

The Steam Packet’s new flagship, Manxman, will be powered by the ‘world’s most efficient four-stroke diesel engine’.  Technology group Wärtsilä has been chosen to supply the new vessel with two eight-cylinder and two 10-cylinder engines, which are recognised for a high level of fuel efficiency which reduces exhaust emissions.  The […]

Adopt A Place

Rachel Amoedo and Raquel Garcia A Manx group’s plan to invite people to adopt a place of their choice and pledge to do their best to keep it litter-free of items that could harm the environment has gone global, reaching into 57 different countries including the UK, France, India, Maldives, […]

Do your bit: Join the Woodland Trust

Climate Change.  It’s everywhere.  Not just “climate change” the all too familiar, dangerously-close-to-losing-all-meaning two word alliterated sentence at the top of this article, but the actual, real thing.  Climate Change The Destroyer™ is actually happening all over the only planet we’ve got and every single educated mind out there is […]